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Project launching soon………

The Exchange based Application Software in use, Thozhil,  developed by NIC, is to be replaced with Web Based Application Software,  for any where any time access to the digitized data base and to provide online service to the beneficiaries.

NIC has developed a National level software, Common Application System for Employment Exchange (CASE) for  use in Employment Exchanges in various states as per the National Employment Exchange Manual (NESM).  The same is to be customized  for use in Kerala, incorporating requirements specific to our state.

GAP Analysis has been  completed and report submitted to NIC

EEKO is a web based centralized application wherein all the digitalized  data will be stored in a central data base at the Kerala State Data Centre.  The data can be accessed on a any time any where basis.  Connectivity is through KSWAN.

Online Services
Certificate Addition
Submission / Placement
Employment Market Information
Vocational Guidance

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