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About Us

You are Invited  

in to Malabar Initiatives 

To Feel The POWER of UNITY and 

The BENEFITS of Systematic Crowd Funding 

for Ideal Business Startups.

Malabar Initiatives, for the ideal UNITY of Malabaries for sake of future.  Malabar Initiatives, is the Mentor, Leader and Agent for Malabar Economic Development programs.  We to bring 10000s of Malabaries in to a Systematic Business Investment and Equity CROWD Funding platform, to Support a series of professional business enterprises, one by one in coming years, by systematic crowd funding.  MI shall be strong GROUP of Small Investors from across Malabar, to CrowdFund and PROMOTE for promising BusinessStartups as a group.  Here each MI member being ready to share and invest Rs.1000 or more EveryMonth (or everyThreeMonth) for Selected Startups, in diverse business fields.

Here each funding startup shall be promoted by a carefully selected talented entrepreneur, preferably a Malabari Entrepreneur, is the winning edge.  That 100 businesses shall be under the leadership of 100 differently talented entrepreneurs in diverse fields!. And CrowFunding strictly for promising and socially important projects only like (1) Mixed / Integrated Farming with Own Marketing Setup (2) Branded CHAIN of Restaurant and Fast Food (3) Branded Chain of bakery (4)  IT and Online Shoppe portal (5) Branded RETAIL CHAIN of Convenience and Utility sector (6) SkillTraining / Educational Institute etc.


You and friends are invited

in to Malabar Initiatives to build a modern Malabar. ToGetHer only we can achieve goals.

Malabar Initiatives

Encourages The Unity of Malabaries

and Prepare Strategic Plans for Economically

SAFE & SECURe Malabar 

Malabar directly and indirectly largely depend Gulf employments and gulf income for living expenses. So, any falling of Gulf employments and income will create serious socio-economic problem to Malabar. That is why, we have to find and implement alternative and safe sources for income.  10000s of Malabaries UNITE @Malabar Initiatives and START Systematic Business Investing, of Rs.1000 or more everyMonth (or everyThreeMonth), in promising BusinessStartups!. It is to BUILD Malabar People GROUP FUNDED 100+ business BRAND and Business CHAINS across India in coming years.  And It is part of finding alternative and SAFE INCOME sources – unique income opportunities- for falling gulf employments and gulf income!  And We prepare strategic plans and projects to modernize, professionalize and brand all existing Retail sector, the main business sector of Malabar,  to be safe and profitable in any adverse situations.

Malabar Initiatives TheUnique Agency for Business Setting & Branding @Malabar of Kerala India, to help people for finding and setting matching small industry, retail business, [email protected], Franchisee opportunities from diverse fields; and for branding and marketing products and services professionally and profitably

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Panchayath Malappuram
Place Malappuram
Address Head Office Malabar Initiatives Baithunoor Building, Malappuram - Calicut Highway, MaDin Nagar, Melmuri, Malappuram - 676517, Kerala (Land Mark- Near to FIAT CAR SHOWROMM @Konampara; 1 km from MBH Hospital from Malappuram side)
Phone Number0483 2738233 / 2736233, 9483970055
Email[email protected]
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